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How Important Is Water for Weight Loss?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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In the United States, 75% of people are dehydrated more often than not. Since our bodies are mostly made up of water, this is a recipe for poor health and wellness.

Water is particularly important if you’re on your weight loss journey. You have to treat your body right while watching the numbers on the scale plummet.

Keep reading to learn why water for weight loss is such a big piece of the puzzle.

Water Helps You Feel More Full

Drinking water is important during weight loss because it can help you prevent overeating. Water makes your stomach feel fuller so that you don’t stuff yourself with unhealthy calories.

Many people mix up their hunger and thirst signals because they’re rarely ever adequately hydrated. This confusion causes people to eat when they should be drinking water.

Taking in these unnecessary calories will hamper any weight loss program. Stay on top of your water intake to avoid this.

Hydrating Helps Your Body Detox

One of water’s best qualities is its ability to detox. Water flushes the toxins from your body so that you stay healthy and not prone to illness.

The ChiroThin weight loss program involves the use of some natural supplements to help you lose weight.

Getting the right amount of water in your system makes it easier to absorb these supplements so that your body can use them. Topical treatments will also absorb into your skin better when you’re hydrated.

Some vital nutrients included in the ChiroThin program include:

  • Vitamin B12 Spray

  • Blood pressure support supplements

  • Topical pain relief cream

  • Organ system support supplements

  • Electrolyte support

The right mixture of water and detox supplements will optimize the way your body works while getting rid of the waste.

You’ll Drink Fewer High-Calorie Drinks

Developing a hydration habit also helps you put down those sugary drinks. Many people keep packs of soda on their grocery list every week.

If you aren’t a soda person, maybe you enjoy a morning Frappuccino with all of the toppings, a nice glass of fruit punch, or juices with added sugar.

What all of these drinks have in common is that they pile on unnecessary calories that will ruin your weight loss efforts. Water is not only hydrating, it’s a zero-calorie drink that will do nothing but benefit you.

Drinking Water Gives You Energy

People that fulfill daily water intake have more energy.

It might shock you to learn that the malaise and brain fog you felt every day for the past several years could have been solved with a glass of water.

Hydration provides many former daily coffee drinkers with enough energy and focus to get through their days. Having this extra bit of energy will improve your mood each day. When you feel good, you’ll want to work out more.

The weight loss journey becomes easier when you’re in love with life and enjoying moving your body and working up a sweat. This extra boost of energy from upping your daily water intake will help you shed the pounds without even thinking about it.

Hydrating Is Essential When Working Out

To lose weight, it’s best to exercise 3 to 5 times per week. Your body naturally loses a lot of fluids the more you sweat.

You have to replenish these fluids to help your body do its job and to keep the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

Make sure you’re hydrating throughout the day, rather than trying to get all of your hydration in during exercise water breaks. You should maintain a daily water goal of 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women.

Keep a jug of water for work and a jug you drink from in the gym, making sure that your fluids are being replenished so you can keep pushing your body to the limits.

You’ll Lower Your Stress Levels

Stress management is vital to a good life. Exessive stress can lead to both mental and physical suffering.

Nearly 80% of people in the United States are regularly stressed each day. Uncontrollable stress can lead to overeating or skipping your workouts.

People that hydrate properly have lower blood pressure, better hormone regulation, and lower stress levels. Your body goes into a state of distress the longer you’re dehydrated.

When your stress levels are low, you also get better sleep.

When you get better sleep, your body can build muscle and burn fat from your workouts. You’ll have balanced hormone levels, a faster metabolism, and more energy each day.

Water Improves Your Digestion

Water is also helpful because it improves your digestive system. When you drink enough water, your body has an easier time breaking down food. This ease of digestion feeds much-needed nutrients to your body, which will help you lose weight.

Hydration also prevents you from being constipated and can ease the pain that comes with gastrointestinal discomfort. Since water flushes toxins, you will experience healthier gut bacteria, which is vital for total health. When your body has a good balance between digesting and eliminating food, you will get healthier results as you lose weight.

Use Water for Weight Loss

Water is essential for a healthy life. That’s abundantly clear if you’re on your weight loss journey. Lean into your hydration goals while you’re losing weight so that you can experience the above benefits.

Invest in a couple of quality water bottles that measure your daily water intake goal, in increments. You’ll start by drinking water for weight loss, and will end up improving your entire life as a result.

Are you ready to get started on the path to a healthier you? Click here to learn more about ChiroThin.

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