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Do you suffer with:Fatigue Upset Stomach Fibromyalgia Seizures Stomach Cramps Bloating/Gas Irritable Bowel Syndrome Chronic Inflammation Diarrhea Nausea Even if you have 1 of the conditions above, you may be suffering from parasite infestation. We know what you’re thinking... “PARASITES? Not me!” But wait...   Did You Know • It is estimated that as any as 90% of Americans have parasites!• Up to 30% of daycare workers are infected with Giardia (a parasite in the bowel)!• There are 150,000 different types of parasites and they are in every aspect of the average American’s life. (Food, Soil, Water, and Pets)• Parasite infection/infestation is thought to be a causative factor in many disease states.• Many times the presence of parasites goes undetected until a person is undergoing surgery and the parasites are “found” in the diseased organ or body part. How Do I Get Parasites?Do you allow your dog or cat to sleep with you? If the answer is “Yes”, you have put yourself at a high risk of having roundworm infection as most dogs and cats have roundworm. Sleeping with pets dramatically increases the chance of parasite infection/infestation.   Do you eat fish? Many types of parasites, especially Anisakis worms, are found in uncooked (think sushi) and undercooked fish and in some cases, the damage it can cause to the organs can be fatal. Since many of these worms can only be detected with a microscope, it frequently goes undetected during food inspection.   Do you drink tap water? Parasites in tap water is the cause of the largest US parasite outbreak in modern history. This outbreak occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1993. There were approximately 403,000 cases of this parasite infection. Unfortunately, there were over 60 deaths that occurred due to this outbreak!   Do you eat food? Fruit from outside the US and undercooked meat is another large source of parasite infection in humans! Containing all of the accepted and know “Parasite Killers”, Clean should be considered as a vital part of your health regiment! You will receive 2 bottles of Clean and 1 bottle of Complete Probiotic.

Clean Program

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