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Let It Fall: 5 Fall Veggies and Fruits to Try This Season

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Body In Balance

Every chef worth their salt knows that the key to delicious food is using ingredients that are in season. We are smack dab in the middle of fall, and there are so many delicious dishes you can cook up with fall produce. It’s a beautiful time of the year with an even more bountiful harvest to match.

Read on to see our recommendations for fresh produce this fall; we will give you suitable recipe and preparation tips for these as well.

Fall in love with fall veggies today!

Fall Veggies

Autumn is when many fruits and vegetables reach peak flavor, so people are really spoiled for choices. It’s called the “fall harvest” for a reason!

Your best bet for the freshest produce, with the best flavor, is to find a local farmer’s market. Their representatives can teach you all about this year’s harvest, and they can show you which fall veggies and fruits did great this year.

Nevertheless, you are already here, so we at ChiroThin are going to give you a heads up on what you should look out for, regardless of where you choose to shop! Eating fresh produce is an excellent way to shed pounds, as well. Many are satiating and packed with fiber and nutrients because they are in season.

Bear in mind that these recommendations vary by locality. What is recommended here might not be the freshest seasonally where you live (say if this article is targeted to Americans and you are reading from Australia). In that case, go forth and find out what your farmers are producing over there!

1. Apples

Do you use social media? Have you seen the recent propagation of apple orchard pictures, with blushing couples sauntering forth, shiny apples spilling from their pockets?

Late summer to late fall is the season for apples. You can make apple-picking a fun group bonding or date activity, and bring home some delicious, versatile fruit that can be expensive to buy during other parts of the year.

Think about the apple pies dusted with cinnamon and turbinado sugar, or some sweet apple sauce. You can even be adventurous and thinly slice up some apples to put in your grilled cheese. It is delicious, I promise.

2. Spinach

Ah, spinach, my favorite vegetable! We love it because it is just so versatile, delicious, and healthy. There are a plethora of preparation options for spinach, and it is easy to throw in most recipes.

What better time to eat spinach than fall harvest? The flavor, color, and nutrients are all peaking.

Our favorite, simple ways to eat spinach are below:

  • Added as a finisher in creamy coconut soups to add more greens

  • Blended in green smoothies

  • Huge bushels cooked down in saag paneer

  • Spinach omelets

  • In a fall salad with cranberries, apples, goat cheese, yams, and chicken

  • Added to spinach miso soup

  • Sneak it into any foods like quesadillas or sandwiches

3. Broccoli

Sure, frozen broccoli is really popular, but have you had super fresh broccoli when it’s in season? The flavors are amazing! Crunchy and fresh and packed with nutrients.

Broccoli is also highly versatile. You can chuck it in soups, any kind of roasts, or you can slice it up a little and give them a flash stir fry.

They are super healthy and excellent for weight loss, too, because of how filling they are.

4. Butternut Squash

This is definitely something you think about when you think about fall. Do you know the classic comfort food pairing of tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches?

Why not try butternut squash soup with grilled cheeses instead? The sweet creaminess of the squash pairs excellently with the richness of the grilled cheese, and you may be able to make it healthier by omitting some cream as compared to tomato soup (since squash is inherently pretty creamy).

5. Grapes

If you’re on a mission to lose weight, never discount the grapes. They are higher in sugar like many fruits, but they are an excellent healthy substitute if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Pick off a couple of grapes from the vine and snack on them as opposed to candy. They hit just the spot and they are even more delicious in season. I recommend getting these from a farmer’s market so you can try different varieties rather than your standard green and red seedless.

6. Kiwifruit

Did you know the golden kiwi is patented by Zespri in New Zealand, and that New Zealand has a dedicated government position for managing kiwis?

Farmers in China actually stole golden kiwi stems from New Zealand and are growing knockoff versions, which is potentially devastating to the market in New Zealand.

If you have ever had one of these, you know how juicy and tangy they are. They are just perfect.

It’s understandable, though; kiwis are delicious, and one of the healthiest things you could consume, period, by scientific consensus.

7. Potatoes

Potatoes, of course! Somehow these tubers are so ubiquitous yet underrated at the same time. We are so used to seeing them in french fry form and fried as chips that sometimes we forget the million and one ways we can prepare these.

They are healthy, packed with filling and nutritious starch and vitamins. We will defend potato consumption to death here.

One of the no-brainer ways to prepare them is as mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, but we can also do good by roasting them with some spices and olive oil, or by having them as baked potatoes.

8. Pears

We admit that for most of the year, pears are kind of overwhelming. In the fall, though, it’s like they get some kind of power-up. They become juicy, so juicy that the juices run down your chin.

They are delicious as a snack for a hike, or sliced thinly for salads and sandwiches, or even as pear confit for any kind of dessert.

We love pears!

Food for Health

Food is a foundation of health. If you don’t fix your diet, it’s hard to get the rest in order. Food fuels your body and your mind!

Eating fruits and fall veggies in season supports farmers, and making the effort to eat local makes a difference as well.

Are you ready to get started on the path to a healthier you? Click the following link and schedule your ChiroThin Consultation. Schedule NOW!

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